Routes of the Spanish network of Castles and Palaces.

You can find several routes all along the network of Castles and Palaces of Spain. Every route is surrounded by a topic or story, making easier to define and prepare your own trip arround Spain.

¡Choose your route and enjoy the experience!

Following Don Quixote’ Steps: Belmonte, El Toboso and Consuegra.

You will get to know places that seduced Cervantes, leading him to write his famous novel Don Quixot[...]

The castles of the lands of Duchy of Albuquerque

Since the fifteenth century Don Beltrán de la Cueva, deprived of Henry IV of Castile was crea[...]

Marquisate of Villena’s Castles: Belmonte, Garcimuñoz, Alarcon, Chinchilla de Monte-Aragón, Alcala del Jucar, Almansa and Villena. 2 or 3 days.

Route where tourists can see the renowned villages which were part of the Marquisate of Villena. A c[...]

King Ferdinand III on the route of Castles and Palaces of Andalusia

This route is characterized by a tour of castles and palaces located in towns that were conquered by[...]

Route of the Empress Eugenia of Montijo

This route is dedicated to Eugenia de Guzmán y Portocarrero (1826-1920), Countess of Teba and[...]

Following the footsteps of Mendoza

Route that will take us through two sites of the powerful family of Mendoza. The first of these is t[...]

Marquisate of Villena’s Castles: Belmonte, Garcimuñoz and Alarcon. 1 day

In this route, tourists will be able to know three important Villages, declared “Historical-Ar[...]

Borders of the Nazarí Kingdom of Granada: Kingdom of Murcia and Kingdom of Jaén

Route that remembers the limits of the East and the North with the Nazari Kingdom of Granada an[...]

Mountain Castles: Puebla de Sanabria, Cornatel and Ponferrada.

Around these three castles you will not only find history, you can also enjoy mountain landscapes. [...]