Castle of Belmonte

Calle de Eugenia Montijo, s/n 16640 Belmonte – Cuenca

LOS ALARIFES (Restaurant of Palacio Del Infante Don Juan Manuel Hotel Spa)

The Alarifes from D. Juan Manuel were the andalusian masters who built the first fortress of Belmonte in the 14th century on which our hotel was built. Our kitchen team is inspired by the expertise of these builders, whose work continues after many centuries, to prepare delicious dishes that leave a mark on our customers.

Our menu uses the best material of the region to bring you the most traditional La Mancha cuisine. We also have the best selection of wines to complete the culinary experience of our guests and visitors.

Day a day: Every day during lunch, in addition to the menu, our chef will propose a menu of your choice with a starter, a main dish, a dessert and a drink.



  • Deer loin with Thyme
  • Deer loin reduction of red wine and flowers of honey

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Contact and Location

Infante Don Juan Manuel 2 Street, 16640, Belmonte, Cuenca

+34 967 170 784