Castle-Palace of Albalate del Arzobispo

C/ Castillo nº1, 44550, Albalate del Arzobispo, Teruel

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Cultural Visit

The castle-palace is rectangular in shape, adapting to the shapes of the hill on which it is built, dominating the town.

The bulk of the fortification is in the Gothic style with two construction phases differentiated in a somewhat diffuse way. A first raised under the patronage of Exímeno de Luna, bishop of Zaragoza and a second by Pedro López de Luna in the mid-fourteenth century.

All this part is built in ashlar stone. In addition, additions and reforms have been incorporated throughout its history, highlighting those carried out during the archbishoprics of Hernando de Aragón (16th century) and Agustín Lezo y Palomeque (18th century) in addition to the fortification work of the Carlist War. Regarding its artistic quality, we must highlight the purely Gothic chapel built by Pedro López de Luna and divided into several sections by some beautiful pointed arches.

It has, among other elements, a pulpit decorated with Gothic paintings and reliefs, a Mudejar paneling and a magnificently restored Mudejar floor. In that same room we can see five purely Gothic windows, four of them pointed. All have trilobed and quadruple-lobed decoration and are made of sandstone.

We must also highlight the Mudejar turret made of brick and a bread oven. The oldest part of the building and discovered after carrying out archaeological excavations is a tower and section of wall of Islamic origin. We find several heraldic elements from different times that have allowed us to date different construction phases. Regarding its origin we can say that there is evidence of being inhabited already in Roman times and of being a hisn in Islamic times.

It played a fundamental role in the conflict of the Aragonese unions at the end of the 13th century where it was taken by the Alagóns. From the fourteenth century it was the palace and refuge of the archbishops of Zaragoza where they spent long periods of time. It served as a hospital in the plague epidemic of the mid-seventeenth century and was besieged by Cabrera's troops in the Carlist Wars. In the last Civil War it served as a prison and was bombed by both the Italian army and the Luftwaffe in March 1938.

We Recommed

In the summer months the festival of the castles of Aragon is celebrated in the enclosure. [...]


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C/ Castillo nº1, 44550, Albalate del Arzobispo, Teruel

How to get there:

Acces from Andorra or Lécera A-224 and from Híjar and Zaragoza N-232 and A-224.