Castle of the Star of Teba

Calle Castillo, 29327 Teba, Málaga

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Cultural Visit

At the beginning of the 11th century there is evidence of a farmhouse called Itaba in what is now Teba. A settlement without fortification that was within the jurisdiction of Takurunna (Ronda). The fortress as such began to be built in the 13th century, as a consequence of the Castilian push.

More than a dozen towers flank the perimeter walls that surround and adapt to the mountain. All but two are quadrangular in plan. One has a circular floor plan and the other is a whitewashed tower that protects the outside of the main door, which has eight sides. At the top of the military enclosure, the fortress stands, a construction of great architectural magnitude, with powerful walls, the remains of rooms, a central courtyard and the great tower that presides over the entire complex.

The fortress of Teba was originally an Almohad construction. However, its strategic importance during the border war and later as the seat of the County of Theba meant that it was constantly being renovated and extended. However, after the use of the fortress by the Napoleonic troops, the castle served as a stone quarry for the constructions of the new Villa of Teba.

The main part of the Castle of the Star was, without a doubt, the fortress and the homage tower. A palace of which only the skeleton remains because of the Napoleonic garrisons that destroyed it. The tower, however, conserves a good part of its original structure and, although the ashlars carved into the doors, windows and corners were plundered, it is still the best example of the Middle Ages in the Guadalteba region and the province of Malaga.

The great fortress of La Estrella kept the military garrisons inside and numerous families who lived protected within its walls. Those responsible lived, however, in the Alcazar (a castle within a castle). Its thick walls, its small doors and its numerous windows favoured the defence and the exercise of coercion (the surveillance and control of their own and of the territory). Inside, there were kitchens, workshops, warehouses, cisterns and inside the large tower, with four floors (eight rooms) and a large terrace, the dwelling of the warden or lord of the fortress.




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The castle is open:

  • From Thursday to Sunday from 10:00 to 15:00


  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.
  • January: 1st
  • December: 25th



Castillo street, 29327 Teba, Málaga

How to get there:

Three possibilities of arrival at the Castle:

  • Arrival at Teba by the C-341 take MA-465 road -> C/Fortaleza-> access to the Castle.
  • Arrival at Teba on the A-7278 -> Estrella Street -> access to the Castle.
  • Reach Teba on the MA 465, which crosses the town as far as the entrance-> C/Fortaleza -> access to the Castle.