Castle of Peracense

Rodenas, s/n, Ctra. Peracense, 44369 Peracense, Teruel

Cultural Visit

The castle of Peracense is located on the top of a rocky, very steep cliff of reddish sandstone, known as rodeno. The use of this stone for the construction of the fort makes it possible to obtain a totally integrated set in the landscape.

The defensive system of Peracense is made up of three precincts, which take advantage of the topography of the terrain to form an impregnable enclave.

The upper enclosure houses the core of the fortress, this being the place where the main residence is located, which was occupied by the warden and his family. In addition, this enclosure housed the armory and one of the dungeons, and to ensure the water supply was enabled a collection and storage system, with the presence of two tanks.

In the fourteenth century, the intermediate enclosure was built, with an irregular layout, following the shape of the rocks, with the function of protecting the weakest points of the upper enclosure. Inside, most of the spaces occupied by the garrison attached to the castle, such as bedrooms, kitchens or the chapel, would be located.

But the castle continued growing, in its eagerness to protect itself of the Castilian incursions, reason why the inferior enclosure was constructed. It is the most powerful walled structure of the entire fortification, a wall of up to 3 m. of thickness and a plant in L, reinforced with three turrets, and equipped with numerous loopholes. It was designed to shelter the villagers and their flocks in the large existing esplanade.

The space, which currently occupies the fortified area, has been inhabited since the Bronze Age to the present, possibly due to the mining wealth of the area.


January 1st to April 16th:

  • Saturday and Sunday from 10:30 hs to 14:00 hs and 15:30 hs to 18:00 hs

April 17th to June 30th:

  • Wednesday to Sunday from 10:30 hs to 14:00 hs and 16:00 hs to 20:30 hs

July 1st to September 15th:

  • Monday to Sunday from 10:30 hs to 14:00 hs and 16:00 hs to 21:00 hs

September 16th to October 13th:

  • Wednesday to Sunday from 10:30 hs to 14:00 hs and 15:30 hs to 19:00 hs

October 14th to December 31st:

  • Saturday and Sunday from 10:30 hs to 14:00 hs and 15:30 hs to 18:00 hs

Open all long weekends and holidays of the year, except Christmas and New Year.

Possibility of special visits for groups outside the indicated days.



Rodenas, s/n, Ctra. Peracense, 44369 Peracense, Teruel

How to get there:

Peracense’s castle is located 50 km north of Teruel, 40 km north of Albarracín and 150 km south of Zaragoza. It is very close to the A-23 or Mudejar motorway, with exits in Villafranca del Campo, through the TE-V-9024, and Santa Eulalia, through the TE-V-9026. From Madrid the access would be made from the N-211, with deviation in the GU 968.