Casa de Pilatos

Plaza de Pilatos, 1. 41003 Sevilla

Cultural Visit

This palace better known as Casa de Pilatos, is a harmonious combination of the Gothic-Mudejar Late Middle Ages tradition and Italian Renaissance innovations which was first introduced in Seville by the Enríquez de Ribera family, Adelantados Mayores of Andalusia , main representatives of the crown in Baja Andalucia and former owners of this Palace. 

Located in the historic centre of Seville, the core zones of the building began to be built at the end of the 15th century and eventually halls, patios and gardens were added turning it into the largest private residential complex in the city, an ideal setting for the development of a new lifestyle and elite society in a city which had undergone a transformation into the richest imperial overseas metropolis ever known.

Throughout the Spanish Golden Age, this palace acted as a sieve for new artistic tastes from Italy. Sevillians first knew them thanks to the marble pieces brought from Genova five hundred years ago by the I Marquis of Tarifa from his pilgrimage to Jerusalem, which eventually gave its name to the palace. Then, later on, new artistic trends were revealed to the city’s citizens in the extraordinary sculptures and paintings collected and still seen within, brought by two of the descendants of the Marquis, the I and III Duke of Alcalá, while acting as viceroys of Naples.

Due to its spatial organization, architectural quality and richness in decoration, this building became the canonical model of Andalusian civil architecture and the pattern of Sevillian palaces.

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Open daily and admission:

  • Winter season: (November to March): From 9am to 6pm
  • Summer season: (April to October): From 9am to 7pm.


From 1st July our prices will be:

  • Complete House ticket: 12€ (with a guided tour to the upper floor)
  • Ground Floor ticket: 10€

Both types include an audioguide per person, available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German and Japanese.

  • School groups: Ask for admission fees


  • Plaza de Pilatos, 1. 41003 Sevilla
How to get there:
  • Located in the very heart of Seville, Aguilas and San Esteban streets are its two main entrances. Both flow into the square with the same name (Plaza de Pilatos).
  • With a strategic location it is at 15 minutes walking from Santa Justa Train Station, 8.6 km from the airport (nearly 20 minutes) and 10 minutes walking from the historical centre (the Royal Palace and the Cathedral).