Hospital Palace of Tavera

Calle Duque de Lerma 2, 45003 Toledo

Rooms and space for rental in Hospital Palace of Tavera

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Available rental services

Renting of rooms for the celebration of private events. 

This is the first Classical building in Toledo, with its Renaissance adaptable courtyards, an unique pharmacy preserved in its original location, original archives, a museum which brings the visitor back to the palatial environment of the 16th and 17th century and finally, an extraordinary chapel. Apart from a very original visit, there is the possibility to celebrate different events, either private or corporate. 

Additional information

A location no more than 30 minutes from Madrid with private visits of the palace and its collection, where private events may take place in its wonderful courtyards and other rooms fit for the celebration. With this, you will be helping for the preservation and promotion of this building.  


  • Budgets will be provided for every single request.


  • The lenght of each event will be fixed accordingly.
  • The timetable for each event will be fixed accordingly.


Renting of rooms for publicity and film shootings

Plenty of the rooms in the palace are rented for publicity shootings or are used as scenery for films. The Foundation collaborates as well with cultural documentaries and photographic reports. 


  • Budgets will be provided for each request.


The Hospital Tavera is mainly open as a museum for visitors. In order to request availability for a shooting, either for publicity or films with Spain Heritage Network.

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