Castillo de San Pedro de Jaca (Ciudadela)

Avda. Primer Viernes de Mayo s/n (Ciudadela) 22100 - Jaca (Huesca)

"Without leaving home"

Exhibition of paintings by Mª Pilar Bonet

A solidarity exhibition of paintings, donated by the author to the Red Cross. These works express thoughts and emotions that arose from the observation of domestic objects, through five themes: the difficulty of finding certainties; the vulnerability and changes in life; the walls that, inside or outside ourselves, prevent us from living in harmony; freedom and the pain that its exercise often produces; love and spirituality; the lives of specific women and some of their experiences.

Mª Pilar Bonet

Born in Jaca in 1952, she says of herself that she is a woman like so many others of her generation. She began working in 1975 and worked in Melilla and Vitoria before coming to Jaca, where she worked as a philosophy teacher at the Domingo Miral Secondary School for 34 years.

When she retired, she discovered that she had not lost her job, but she had no timetable and that, thanks to the fact that her tastes were not very expensive, she could devote herself to doing whatever she wanted. And he felt like enjoying his friends, travelling, playing with his grandchildren (also without timetables), writing and painting. He believes that he needs to improve a lot as an artist, but he says that, for the moment, he is achieving what he sets out to do: to have fun.

Details and Location

The exhibition can be visited in the Bakery Hall from 24 November 2021 to 8 January 2022.

Visitors to the Citadel will be able to enter with their ticket to the castle, free of charge.

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