Castillo de Loarre

Carretera del Castillo s/n. Loarre. Huesca.


Rafting is the star activity of the Gállego River as it passes through the Mallos de Riglos in the Aragonese Pyrenees. Team sport, which allows you to descend through whitewater rivers in a boat accompanied by a professional guide. Suitable for all audiences. There are different sections in the Gállego River, so that everyone can enjoy this fun activity according to the river flow and the age of its participants.

Details and Location

A-132 passing through Murillo de Gállego

Recommended age: In spring it is 14 years old and over, but taking into account relevant skills (ability to swim and not being afraid of water). In summer, with the lowest flow rate, it could be done with participants of 8 years old and older, but always considering the same requirements mentioned above that allow us to perform the activity safely.

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