Castillo de San Pedro de Jaca (Ciudadela)

Avda. Primer Viernes de Mayo s/n (Ciudadela) 22100 - Jaca (Huesca)

Monumental Nativity Scene of the Citadel of Jaca

All the pieces of our traditional Monumental Nativity Scene are designed and developed by the nativity scene designer José Luis Mayo, considered one of the best nativity scene artisans in Spain.

The installation, which covers 24 square metres, includes more than 130 figures, with exceptional expressiveness and realism. Proportion and beauty are complemented by the naturalness and imperfections of the skin and clothing of the figures. Of particular note is the Nativity scene, which conveys tenderness and a sense of peace and harmony.

In the words of José Luis Mayo, this nativity scene "takes up popular aspects in terms of the use of materials offered by nature, a source of inspiration when constructing realistic spaces and landscapes, historical elements in the recreation of 1st century Israel, with anthropological touches in its people - both in their clothing and in the customs of the time - and artistic in terms of its figures, execution and spatial distribution".

The nativity scene of the Citadel of Jaca is part of the Route of the Aragonese Nativity Scene, which, with this one, totals 21 towns and 26 nativity scenes.

Together with the Monumental Nativity Scene, visitors will be able to contemplate the exhibition Nativity Scenes of the World. This is a selection of 25 unique handcrafted nativity scenes from the Basanta-Martín collection, on display in Jaca for the first time.

Details and Location

The nativity scenes can be visited from 22 November to 9 January in the Bakery Hall. Access is free with admission to the castle, with no additional payment required.

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