Castillo de San Pedro de Jaca (Ciudadela)

Avda. Primer Viernes de Mayo s/n (Ciudadela) 22100 - Jaca (Huesca)

Exhibition "Crosses and medals on the uniforms of our soldiers".

Collection of Javier Novella Guindín

A sample of military decorations from the collection of Javier Novella. Decorations can take different forms, such as bands, crosses, medals, badges, pins, commendations or badges of distinction. These types of individual insignia are placed on uniforms, while collective insignia can be placed on other supports: ties are attached to flag pennants, pennants are attached to ship's masts and badges are attached to ships and aircrafts.

Different types of decorations (merit, commemorative, military or civilian orders and propaganda) can be seen in this exhibition.

All these awards recognise the dedication and heroism of military personnel and form part of our country's cultural heritage.

Details and Location

From 1 December to 30 January, you can enjoy this exhibition in the Sala Burnao of the Citadel of Jaca with your ticket, without additional payment.

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