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Castles and Palaces of Spain

Spain is one of the most interesting history and heritage. Discover a big variety of castles, palaces and routes in Spain.

Each time you use this technology platform, you contribute to the promotion and value of the national historical heritage.

Explore Castles of Spain

Discover the best maintained buildings of our heritage and enjoy their events and experiences.

Fall in love with the Palaces

Visit palaces of Spain and discover each corner of their fantastic architecture.

Routes all along Spain

Start your route through castles and palaces of Spain. Several destinations with a common story are waiting for you.

Next Singular Events

Discover next activities will be celebrated arround castles and palaces. Turn your trip in an unique experience!

Exclusive Experiences

Live the experiences around the castles and palaces network of Spain. From dramatized and theatrical visits, to gastronomic experiences. Everything full of details, regarding to bring to you an unforgottable experience.

Find the experience that best fits you and buy the tickets now.

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